Audio Mastering

Mastering is the final, and arguably the most important, stage in the production life of a song. Think of mastering as quality control for your music.

As a mastering engineer with a fresh perspective on your music, I focus on enhancing, and sometimes fixing, the elements in your mix - delivering a pristine, final master of your song that translates to every playback system!

Stem Mastering

Stem mastering gives us the opportunity to work even more intensively on the final sound of your production.

Particularly important areas can be better processed and raised to a professional level.

Here we ensure the perfect balance for your music.

Mix Critique Session

The mastered track is only as good as the final mix. Ensuring you have the best possible mix is essential for creating a high-quality product of a song. Simply send us your mix, we'll analyze it and give you detailed feedback in a 60 minute zoom video session. Having this information will allow you to make the necessary changes to bring your mixes up to a commercial level.


Here you can find a selection of our mastering work.

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Storia Mastering stands for powerful and individual sound that takes your mix to the next level. Our high-quality analog and digital equipment provides the finishing touches to make your mix shine.

In addition to numerous recording studios from German-speaking countries, our satisfied customers also include international labels and artists. Convince yourself of our work and get your Free Mastering Sample today.

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A real professional when it comes to mastering. Friendly, experienced and competent.


— Marco Kampmann




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